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The aim of Islam and Health Journal is to gather and publish the articles related to religion particularly Islam. The Journal received agreement from Ministry of Health and Medical Education in January 2014. is also intended to encourage researchers to pay attention to religious issues in medicine and health.
 P-ISSN: 2383-2177
 E-ISSN: 2383-191X
 Babol University of Medical Sciences
Chairman: Sefidchian AR ( )
Editor in Chief: Mikaniki E (MD)
Managing Director: Dehghan Z (M.A)
  Statistical Editor: Soraya Khafri (MD) , Hemat Gholinia (MS)
Persian Editor:
 English Editor and translator: Barari R.
 Administrative Assistants: Aghaeenejad M () , Abolhoseini R ()
No Permission from Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance (obtaining permission to publish)
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